Georg Fischer Piping Systems The Age of Water Virtuelle Plattform

The Age of Water

A digital platform, real live communication and stories that can be experienced – With “The Age of Water” Georg Fischer and NEYROO are rethinking the trade fair.

Especially when it comes to launching new products, the Covid19 pandemic poses an enormous challenge for companies, with trade shows and other important events being canceled or postponed. But it is precisely at this time that Swiss company GF Piping Systems plans to launch a new product: Hycleen Connect.
The challenge now is to provide an appropriate stage for the product innovation despite the most adverse conditions. This is where NEYROO comes into play: The answer is a real-digital trade fair that combines the dynamics of digital events with the emotional power of a real staging. First, they work with GF Piping Systems to develop clear goals for the event:


Lead generation

Engage existing customers and generate qualified leads

Marketing & PR

Cross-media campaign with focus on LinkedIn & trade journals


8-hour live event around the theme of “water”


Involve and inspire employees through internal communication

In the next step, NEYROO invites GF Piping Systems employees to a workshop where the foundation is laid. Here, the first step is to translate the story of the company and its employees into digital storytelling under the motto “stage your stories.” They shift the focus to people stories – a paradigm shift in communication.

The result is an 8-hour live event called “The Age of Water”. It covers a broad spectrum, with keynotes, panel discussions, interviews and films all about the topic of “water” and its importance for the future. In addition, a virtual campus offers access to interactive product talks, feedback rounds and themed videos, accompanied by experts from industry, trade, science and the service sector. More in-depth documents are available for download via a media center. In order to reach the target groups and to inspire them for the event, NEYROO supports the project already in the run-up with a cross-media and holistic PR and marketing campaign.

Generate leads with cross-media PR & marketing campaign

NEYROO can book a total of almost 1700 registrations with the live event on 18.11.2020, of which 4/5ths come from the previously defined target group: the hotel industry, the healthcare sector, facility management and the sanitary sector. For the client GF Piping Systems, this makes the event a complete success, as the number of customer inquiries increases significantly shortly after the event. Last but not least, it also reinforces the enthusiasm of employees* and partner companies for the Hycleen Connect product.

The NEYROO PR and marketing campaign is also successful, reaching 300,000 people via 30 trade publications. On LinkedIn, 6-figure impressions are registered on event day in German-speaking countries alone, and over a four-week period there is a triple-digit increase in followers.