Moderation, Gäste, Sets als ein ganzes beim hybriden Event MuVCON

MuVCON 2021

“Regional and digital” was the motto of the marketing & sales conference of the Genossenschaftsverband. Thanks to creative and unusual set designs, a varied program, interactive sessions and digital twins in the 360° campus, the first virtual MuVCON was a real experience for the employees of the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken.

Fruit stand, sea of flowers, freshly brewed coffee and big city flair in the background: MuVCON 2021 catapulted the audience directly from the home office to an atmospheric market stand: the stage builders of UNIT:ART had transformed the Cologne TV studio into an “Urban Piazza” with three colorful sets.  These three TV sets were variedly played on this day. The first set was hosted by Christiane Stein, who also led through the following interviews. The morning was dominated by expert presentations and roundtable discussions on the future strategies of the network. The day was rounded off by a guest speaker: futurologist Tristan Horx inspired the audience with his keynote address on megatrends of the future.


Digital Twin

Interactive Digital Twin Partner exhibition in the 360° Campus


A bustling Urban Piazza provides ambiance & immerses spectators


Full-day marketing & sales conference Around the theme “Future


A diverse agenda of keynotes, panel discussions, FAQs & interactive breaks

During the break at the latest, things got interactive for all spectators: At the virtual market stalls, marketing experts and representatives of the partner associations could be asked about their topics and products via live chat and video call. The virtual coffee corner and a raffle amidst the Digital Twins provided a breather. Meanwhile, in the studio, a barista demonstrated how to decorate your coffee with stylish latte art at home.

Intensive professional exchange was the focus of the afternoon program: In 6 parallel sessions, viewers were able to learn about regional and digital strategies and ask their questions in a live chat. These were answered live in the studio in the subsequent talk round.

This day showed how we can dissolve the boundaries between stages, sets and viewers in favor of a fluid agenda with the successful interplay of dramaturgy, production technology and ambience. This created a dual hybrid experience and a real connection between the online audience and the on-site audience.

We were able to train a lot of new skills & competencies and in this respect it was completely worth it. Was a complete success!

Thomas von HammelGenossenschaftsverband – Verband der Regionen e.V.